Genius Hour

For this week I decided to change my project. I changed it by instead of doing a series of drawings I’m only doing one drawing. I chose to do this because I didn’t think I would have enough time to do a series because I’m a really slow drawer and it just takes me to long to do one drawing. So this week I’ve just been fixing things on my drawing that I would like to be better and I have been working on those certain things more. I have a video that  I watch to learn how o draw this. At the begging of this project I used just written directions, but I found i easier to watch someone else do it so I can visualize what it looks like better but at the same time I can see it. I have also been working on my website that we have to make. So far on it I have the steps and a picture of a drawing but it isn’t my drawing. I’m debating on putting my drawing up because I don’t know how good it will look when I’m completely done. I hope it’s good though. Anyways for the rest of this week I’m going to be working on adding stuff to my website and continue adding stuff to my drawing and fixing the things I don’t like. At the end of this project I hope my drawing is really good and my presentation id good also. Thank you!

Genius Hour

Mark Crilley

                             Mark Crilley

My topic is how to draw a realistic eye, so far I have learned how to draw the shape of the eye, the cornea, and I am working on the eye lashes. What I have learned about myself during this project is that I work really well alone. I enjoy working alone because I like to have everything my way, and working alone allows me to plan out what I need to do for that day and how I want it done. Some obstacles I have had is drawing the eye lashes, also I kinda get of task when people start to talk to me but usually I’m pretty good about getting my work done.

This week I need to get the eyelashes down and the eyebrow, so I can move on to the little details in the cornea. It takes me about a week to drawn an eye so next week I will be doing basically the same things just trying to make them look better than my first one. When I am drawing I first start off with the shape of the eye, second I do the small part in the corner like your eye socket, then I do the shape of the cornea and the small circle in the middle of that, next I do the eyelashes, and after that I do the eyebrows, finally I add all my details and see how it looks in the end. I like this project because I’ve always wanted to be able to draw a realistic eye so I’m pretty excited to see my end product.

College Visit

By: Scott Locati

The college I attended was Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. I was chosen to go to that college because I scored high in law enforcement and business on a question thing we had to do with our consular. So we were chosen to go to Buena Vista because they have a good business program and also a good law enforcement program. When we first arrived there we went on a tour. A room that we went to that I was very surprised about was a room full of animals. All of the animals in this room were donated by people. I thought it was really cool because there were a lot of different types of animals and how big some of them were.

Then we went outside and played these games and the winners won stuffed beavers, which was kinda cool but I was the first one out. Also we took group pictures under an arch that they have. The only time you can go under the arch is the first day you come and the day you graduate. They say if you go under it more then those times that you’ll be at the school longer than you wanted to be or that you wont graduate. We got there late so our visit wasn’t very long, but it was really interesting.


Genius Hour

At school we have started a project called genius hour. At first I didn’t really wanna do this project because I thought it was gonna be really hard, but the more I started working on it I actually began to like it. It is a lot of work and kinda hard, but it helps you learn about new things that you’re actually interested in learning about.

For my genius hour project I have decided to draw a human eye. I chose this topic because I wanted to see if the more I drew the eye would I get better at it. I also wanted to do this because on my free time I enjoy drawing. It is important to me because I think it will show people that the more you work at things the better you get and I think that is a really good lesson to know.

The goals I have for this project are to teach people that the harder you work the better you get at things. Also to be able to draw a good human eye. Then once I get good at the eye start drawing and getting better at the other facial features, so then I will be able to draw a human face. My first goal I will hope you have learned by the time i’m done with this project. My other goals are kinda just personal goals and I will be doing them after I think my eye is good enough, then I will just move on to drawing another facial feature. Then hopefully soon be able to draw and entire human face.

Neil Tackaberry

                            Neil Tackaberry

Spring Break

Jason C.

Jason C.

The start of my spring break I went to Indianola to play volleyball at state. We went down on Friday after school and our whole volleyball team hung out at a hotel. Then Saturday morning we left to go play, we placed 8th out of 57 teams. We drove back after our games were over and we didn’t get back until 10:00 p.m and everyone went home to pack to go to DC, but I packed to go to Florida.

Josh Evnin

Josh Evnin

I left for Florida on Sunday early in the morning. We had a 17 hour drive to Destin, Florida. The drive was really boring, I played on my phone and slept most of the time. We stopped in Tennessee for the night around midnight, then we left early the next morning and arrived there on Monday. The first day we got there at like 4:00 p.m so we just relaxed until dinner time. Then we drove to the boardwalk and ate at a seafood restaurant. Tuesday morning we walked the beach and looked for places that look good to eat. Wednesday we went to the beach swam, played volleyball, played badminton, and went and ate ice cream. Thursday we didn’t really do anything it was kinda and a little chilly. Friday we went snorkeling and kayaking, which was really fun. The next day we got up early and left for a 17 hour drive back home.

Week 6 Activity


I visited Ryan’s blog , he talks about halloween and I liked how he spaced out his paragraphs and gave them headings so I could find things easier, he also had a lot of information.


I visited Lola’s blog, she talks about her family trip going to Spain and how it was her favorite family memory.


I visited Abde’s blog , and she wrote about how she celebrates Halloween, and it’s the same as us and she lives in Saudi Arabia so I though it was cool.


I visited Isaach’s blog, and I read the one about food and the food he wrote about was a aebleskiver and it sounds really good.

Josey, 13

I visited Josey’s blog, and it was a Halloween prezi and I liked how she did that.

Taylor, 13

I visited Taylor’s blog, and it was about what Halloween used to be called and other facts about Halloween.


I visited Brandon’s blog, and he wrote a story called sleepy hollow.


I visited Mia’s blog, and I read the food challenge and she did hamburgers and I also wrote about hamburgers as a popular food.


I visited Ella’s blog, and she wrote about her school lunch and how many different varieties of food they get to pick from.


I visited Liv’s blog, and she had a survey and I just answered her survey questions.

French Fries And Burgers




One of the most popular food in America is french fries. There are many kind of french fries, some of the kinds are skinny, chunky, crinkle, and wedges. Everyone has their own favorite kind of fries, because they don’t all taste the same.

French fries are eaten all over the world, but people prefer to dunk them in a variety of condiments some are, ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, and vinegar. No matter where you live you most likely love french fries. French fries are sold in almost every fast food restaurant you go to in America.

French Fries Facts

How To Make French Fries




Hamburgers are another popular food in America. Hamburgers weren’t that popular until 1904 at a fair in saint louis. Hamburgers are originally from Germany, but in the military they were called liberty burgers to avoid the German connection. In America 50 billion burgers are eaten in a single year. 71% of beef served in America is in hamburgers. The most expensive burger in the world cost $5,000. If we lined up all the burgers we eat they can go around the earth more 32 times. Also the same as french fries you can get a hamburger at almost any fast food restaurant in America.

Hamburger Facts 

The Game




My story is about a boy named Zack who loves to play soccer, but he broke his leg during a soccer game. It tells about the day he broke his leg and what he’s feeling and what he felt when it happened.

I can feel the grass pricking my leg through my boot. I feel the ball at the tip of my fingers. I get up and stare at the net thinking off all the good times I’ve had on this field, wishing I could still play, wishing none of this ever happened to me.

My name is Zack, I’ve played soccer since I was in kindergarten. I started playing soccer because my older brother James played and I thought it was fun to play with him. I am 17 I am in my senior year of high school and its horrible. On October 21 my whole life changed.

October 21

I’m getting ready for my soccer game and it is the the biggest game of the year i’m so excited. I grab all my stuff and sprint out the door. Today we are playing our biggest rival, The Giants. I get to the field and started kicking my ball around and warming up. I’m watching the other team they’re big, they have hard powerful kicks, and they’re quick. The game’s about to start and I get in my position. “FWEEEE” the whistle goes off the game begins. By halftime the score is 6-6 we are tied. The second half begins and I get the first goal in the second half.

There is 5 minutes left the score is 11-12 we are down by one, we have the ball and the ball is kicked into to play. I get the pass right outside the goal box and I swing my leg back to score and “CRACK” I hit the ground. I am in so much pain I begin cry, my leg feels like there is a hundred knives stabbing into it. I can’t move I just laid there, my coaches came running to me I told them what hurt and they carried me to a cart that drove me and my mom to our car. As my mom was driving I was hoping I just sponged something. When we arrived to the hospital we got straight into a room, the doctor took an xray of my leg. When the x-rays came back he told me my leg was broken in two places. I cried not because of the pain but because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play soccer for the rest of my senior year. On my way home we sat in silence when I got home I went straight to bed.

The next day I went out to the field I laid in the grass and I could feel the grass pricking my leg through my boot. I feel the ball at the tip of my fingers. I get up and stare at the net thinking off all the good times I’ve had on this field, wishing I could still play, wishing none of this ever happened to me.

Tell Someone!!

It has been reported that about 2,000 children in the U.S. die of child abuse. The most common abuse is neglect. About 58% of children abused are neglected, 24% are physically abused, 12% are sexually abused, 6% are emotionally abused, and 3% are medical neglect. 2.9 billion cases of child abuse are reported in the U.S.

When a child is abused they start to have lack of trust and relationship difficulties. They usually don’t have many friends because they don’t trust as many people. They also start to feel worthless and damaged, they feel like they did something wrong even if they didn’t do anything. They start to blame themselves for what’s happening to them. Another thing that happens to them is that they have a hard time showing emotion. They don’t show how they actually feel because they don’t know if they can safely tell someone how they feel. The children may have been told that if they tell someone their abuser may do worse things to them, so they usually stay quiet and don’t tell anyone or express how they’re really feeling, and what’s going on with them.

I have a friend that when she was little she was abused by her mom. Her mom physically abused her but hitting her, throwing things at her, and saying things that made her feel like she was worthless. She was not the best kid she got into some trouble but not anything serious. She just got in trouble at school by the things she said to her teachers and not doing things that she was told to do. So when she got home she never knew what to expect. She had two other sisters they were twins and they were younger than her, but her mom never hurt them. When she got a little older she told her dad what was happening to her, and she got taken away from her mom and now she lives with her dad.

I told you this story so you know if you are being abused or know someone who is being abused to speak up and tell someone!