College Visit

By: Scott Locati

The college I attended was Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. I was chosen to go to that college because I scored high in law enforcement and business on a question thing we had to do with our consular. So we were chosen to go to Buena Vista because they have a good business program and also a good law enforcement program. When we first arrived there we went on a tour. A room that we went to that I was very surprised about was a room full of animals. All of the animals in this room were donated by people. I thought it was really cool because there were a lot of different types of animals and how big some of them were.

Then we went outside and played these games and the winners won stuffed beavers, which was kinda cool but I was the first one out. Also we took group pictures under an arch that they have. The only time you can go under the arch is the first day you come and the day you graduate. They say if you go under it more then those times that you’ll be at the school longer than you wanted to be or that you wont graduate. We got there late so our visit wasn’t very long, but it was really interesting.


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